The Growth Marketing OS (Operating System) [PRE-ORDER]

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Grow like Crazy by (Finally) Implementing a System for Marketing [PRE-ORDER FOR $119]

A Proven Blueprint for Scaling Your Brand

Imagine a world where growth isn't just possible, it's predictable.

You wake up each day knowing exactly what needs to be done to propel your brand forward.

Your efforts are not scattered shots in the dark but precise, targeted strategies designed to maximize results.

Welcome to your new reality with The Growth Marketing Operating System.

What is the Growth Marketing Operating System:

A system to help lean growth teams maximize their resources by running a best in class growth program. This is accomplished through a 5-park system (with 12 frameworks) that demystifies the growth process. It's a simple system and proven system that gets results. Here are the 5 core pillars

  1. NORTHSTAR: Stop getting distracted and focus on what matters with our Northstar Framework.
  2. STRATEGY: Craft a growth plan based on your unique business with our Strategy Guidelines.
  3. PROCESS: Leverage our Process & Systems Toolkit (Workbook Included) to actually execute on your strategy in a fail-proof way.
  4. DATA: Make data-driven decisions with our Action Tracker & Testing Roadmap.
  5. RESEARCH: Uncover customer-insights through continuous Research and Insight Gathering.

You'll also learn:

  • How to run a growth team like a proven CMO, steering your brand towards unprecedented success.
  • The art of building a 12-month growth plan for maximum impact, ensuring every move you make counts.
  • A system for tracking your team's inputs, optimizing performance, and ensuring you're extracting maximum value from every resource.
  • How to prioritize your efforts by diagnosing what's working, what's not working, and where's the biggest opportunity

What You Get?

Our system is the fruit of years of in-the-trenches work, fine-tuning, and real-world application. Here is what is included in the package:

  • 12 frameworks meticulously designed for running your team. Including the following:
    • What's Blocking Growth Assessment
    • Growth Strategy Matrix
    • Offer-Led Growth Framework
    • Marketing Campaign OS (Operating System)
    • Growth Options by Business Model
    • 12-Month Growth Calendar
    • Peaks & troughs Analysis
    • Testing Roadmap
    • Action Tracker
    • Research Calendar
    • Insight Vault
    • Content Marketing Machine
  • 2 playbooks for a B2C business and a B2B business.
  • 7 exclusive videos guiding you through each growth module, framework and examples.
  • 30+ case studies showcasing real results from brands like yours.
  • A comprehensive growth workbook (8+ Templates) to help you turn this program into action instantly.

What People are Saying?

“Jim has scaled a startup from idea to 7 figures and 
advised fortune 500 companies. If I was a CMO his 
material would be mandatory for my team.” - Jenny Fielding, Techstars MD

“Jim’s approach to growing businesses makes executing your own marketing plan a straightforward process that anyone can do.” - Tommy Griffith, CEO of Clickminded


This is your moment. The pathway to explosive growth and the blueprint for scaling your brand is right at your fingertips. And for a limited time, this game-changing system is available for $119—a fraction of its full value of $450.

Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Pre-order now and secure the competitive edge your brand deserves. Learn the secrets of top CMOs, prioritize your growth, and optimize your team's output with a proven system.


When Does the Product Launch?

We're launching this product late Summer 2024 / early Fall 2024. Follow along for updates on our newsletter right here.

Is this for B2C or B2B companies?

Both. This playbook can be applied to B2C companies and B2B companies. We've even included examples of Business-to-business companies and consumer companies.

About GrowthHit:

GrowthHit is your external growth team that scales Fortune 500 brands and VC-backed startups through growth marketing. Our services include CRO (conversion rate optimization), Facebook ads, Google Ads, SEO, email marketing, SEO, website design and website development.

We have worked with or taught over 150 companies. We have helped Techstars startups raise over $40M in funding and helped companies generate over $247M in revenue from tracked experiments.

I want this!

A 5-part operating system you can implement in under 12-weeks. Includes a step-by-step roadmap, 10+ frameworks for the 5-parts of the operating system, 7 video guides for implementation, 30+ case studies, and a Growth Workbook (8+ Templates) so you can get started immediately.

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The Growth Marketing OS (Operating System) [PRE-ORDER]

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I want this!